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Printing Lists on this site
« on: November 16, 2007, 11:37:19 PM »
Just thought I'd post some information on how to effectively and neatly print out pages with tables on this site for anyone that might be interested.

I have already set a print stylesheet for the site, and this makes it so the navigation, page header, image headers, footer, background etc don't show when printing.  However, there are still problems with page cutoffs in the wrong places, especially in the middle of the tables.

I have included code which prevents table cells breaking between pages, BUT Internet Explorer and Firefox don't support this feature at this time.  However, Opera does.  So if you want to cleanly print out tables on this site, I highly recommend downloading Opera and using it for just that (even if you use it for nothing else).

I received pretty good output results using the following settings:

Of course, you can use whatever settings you want but those worked well for me.  Make sure to use the print preview (it toggles on and off in the browser window) to check if the output is suitable. Use it also to check how many pages to print, as it might leave a blank page at the end in some cases if you set it to print all without checking.
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