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News / Re: Probably the Last Update
« on: February 18, 2009, 10:48:25 AM »
Hey, its sad to hear that this game has come to its end, I remeber playing it years ago tho the beta's were the best times. I did leave when it went to 2 servers tho I did pop in now and again to say hi!

I'm a student that studys games design in sheffield hallam so if you ever get this project started give me a shout and ill sure to help however I can, good luck and hope to see somthing going in the near future.

hey, good to see another brit who played fwo :> there were loads in the betas who i became good friends with then then they all seemed to die out.  keep an eye on the forums mate as i will give u a bell if we get the go ahead.  we have 3 people in atm, i only program in haskell (lol) but the other 2 are fine with c++ java etc that we will probably need.  it all depends on wether or not we can get our hands on the source.  aslong as u enjoy the game, but ofcourse any game dev knowledge would be nice :>

News / Re: Probably the Last Update
« on: January 24, 2009, 06:33:25 AM »
understandable.  i was hoping that because fwo has no more distributors, and the developers are bankrupt; that it would now be open source as i am willing to recode it from scratch with a few friends.  I tried everything, emailing old devs who used to work for PSG, emailing CIB numerous times and trying to find any way to contact them about this.

We shall see, if i do however manage to start a fungwan restoration project, i will post here.

News / Re: Probably the Last Update
« on: January 22, 2009, 05:04:09 AM »
sad times :<  i hope there will be a fwo resurection project soon and with it a return of this site again

FWO General Discussion / Re: Server
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:35:37 AM »
Did you made something mistake?

The copyright of the product will not be violated if the author is going to bankrupt.  Because the copyright is asset, it will be sold during the bankrupt procedure.

In the other hand, PGS was not bankrupt.  It was closed by the owner himself.  As far as I know, CIB bought the right of using FWO from the owner of PGS, after PGS was closed.

Finally, according to the information posted in the FWO group in facebook, this time FWO shut down is because of too heavy license fee from the real copyright holder - Ma Wing Shing.

yes, cib have the distribution rights to fwo, even after PGS went bankrupt/closed over a year ago afaik.  however, cib are no longer distributing the game, therefore have no claim to the game source, or have i made a mistake thinking that?

FWO General Discussion / Re: fwo/pso
« on: December 26, 2008, 01:51:50 PM »
the developers are bankrupt, so there will be no map redesigning

FWO General Discussion / Re: Server
« on: December 09, 2008, 04:27:20 PM »
the devs went bankrupt, so technically its open source, so if cib release a server for it again they cant make any profit, i look to make a server of my own soon though which forum members here are welcome to beta test (will be coded from scratch if source code is open)

FWO General Discussion / Server
« on: December 05, 2008, 10:45:06 AM »

i have been out of the fwo scene since cib first took over as the distributor of fwo.

to my understanding phoenix game studios went bankrupt sometime last year and now i see their website, and the cib fwo distribution website is down.  because PSG went bankrupt i presume the game is now open source, but i cant get in contact with PSG to find out if this is correct, and cib wont reply to my emails.

im from the UK, studying computational physics at edinburgh university and wish to take up a FWO restoration project as an academic exercise with fellow students/friends.  between us, we have played in beta1 through to p2p and dont wish to see one of our favorite games end. we want to start our own private server, and some of us wish to code the game from scratch out of enjoyment/learn C++ but we need the source code or atleast server files/databases which ofcourse would be down to wether the game is open source or not (we do not wish to get the source code illegally)

if anyone could shed light on the situation that would be a big help.

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