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FWO General Discussion / MarshallYAU Char Hacked Issue
« on: February 06, 2008, 08:47:37 AM »
Dear MiaoMiao, please help to pass this thread to GM, because I can't login to the main FWO forum =(

Dear Help,

On the day of 6.2.08 (Wednesday) 8:35pm, I have made a trade with a char named AmiDaMaRu in GK, the trade is as stated below:

1) AmiDaMaRu offering me a lvl 165 char in FK, namely MarshallYAU

2) In return, he want me to trade a 3Hcomp + MHS staff to him.

The trading had been successfully done where he gave me the ID,pass and email, and I pass him the staff.

The problem begin, when I logged into the FK char, I found that people around were asking me why I scam the char, and I realised that I traded for a hacked char which I didn't noticed earlier.

Immediately I checked through in the forum, the char MarshallYAU was reported hacked, refer

At the moment I'm still holding the User ID, password which accessing the char, I hope Help can investigate in this case and hopefully everything can be settled. I don't wish to use hacked char and I don't wish to lost my staff too.

Character invovled in the trading:
Eclipse (Green Kirin Server)
AmiDaMaRu (Green Kirin Server)
Date & Time: 6.2.08    8:35pm

I already email to through the email address regarding this issue, and also attached with the screenshots taken during the trading conversation.

Help please help on this issue and hope there will no other victims under this case in future.

Thanks in advance,

FWO General Discussion / Hi Everyone~!~!
« on: January 15, 2008, 12:51:00 AM »
Hi everyone, I'm new joiner of this website  ;D

By the way, really thanks to miaomiao to have such brilliant site especially for those new joiner of FWO. A lot of information! /whisper even better than FWO main page  :P

Hopefully more and more player discover this site and join into the committee~~~  ;)

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