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New Version - Update List
« on: October 20, 2007, 09:04:44 PM »
Overall Site
- Redid site design and layout based on CSS
- Many minor improvements

- Proofread powers, there should be no more typos
- Added clan powers and LPs to each of the stance pages
- Further, these powers now have different colour rows to distinguish them
- Removed 'Single Target Powers' page and replaced with 'Weapon Damage Powers' page
- Reorganized some of the power by type pages
- Added additional information on unverified LPs

Shop / Trainer Lists
- Trainer Lists updated using proofread power entries, no more typos
- Improved + Expanded Navigation

- Added Rare Equipment page
- Uncommon Equipment: added missing information, made some clarifications
- Added Item Mall/Gudang availability info

- Fixed a few entries missing info
- Added Rare Weapons page
- Added Uncommon Weapon Types page
- Added Boundless Weapon Sets Page

- Added many more items:
- Added PSO Gudang items and updated availability info of high level HP and Chi potions

Clothing Section
- Added all clothing and armor looks for all body types
- Replaced the existing images with new ones in the same format for consistency

Crafting Components
- Moved these pages out of the skills section as many people did not know they were there.
- Added rare weapon components to the weapon components page (organized by type and element)
- Added ND store components to Jewelery and Wearable (somehow, I missed adding them before)
- Added components not sold in stores

- Put all on one page and added additional recipes

Legendary Items
- Added a column with released numbers for Fire Kirin server.
- Added all LI not previously listed.

- Added captions
- Added PSO Fire Kirin Collection
- Added Tasks Collection
- Added a few screenshots in existing collections

- Reformatted this list a bit
- Added a separate map list at the top

New Sections
Rare Items - Full listing of rare items in the game
Hero Items - Listing of Hero Items, including those removed from the vendor
Event / Quest / Festival Items - Listing of items acquired through events and quests, as well as items made specifically for promotions of the item mall.
Odds and Ends - A section for extras that don't fit elsewhere

Other New Pages
About, Site Map, Links


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Re: New Version - Update List
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2007, 03:33:57 PM »
Hi MiaoMiao, nice effort in making a total revamp over the old site. You did a fantastic job. Sad to see there are not many ppl participanting in this forum. Mebi you can post some info on the forum to entice ppl in participating in the foum. And these info should not be available in your main site.

Jus my 2 cents thought...  ;D


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Re: New Version - Update List
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2007, 06:33:43 PM »
Thanks for the comments :)  I'll see what i can do about adding some unique content to the forum.