Author Topic: Suba Games' English Domo CB.. And 2 and a Half Year Late Update #1  (Read 4323 times)


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New Additions (All Male Races):
Lv68-70 HA (Upgraded 60 HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 HA (Upgraded HLA HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 LA (Upgraded 60 LA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Clothing (Upgraded 60 Clothing) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 Clothing (Upgraded HLA Clothing) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Dancewear (Upgraded 60 Dancewear) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 Dancewear (Upgraded HLA Dancewear) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Robes (Upgraded 60 Robes) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Extra Extra special thanks to Ittoujuu (32) for modeling all these armors and providing me the opportunity to complete my gallery of Male armor sets (and AKFrost for helping to make this possible). These pictures were taken the day before Aeria Domo closed, and although I intended to edit and post them way back then, somehow it never happened until now. I apologize for this lapse, but at least you can enjoy them now.

I have also given the site a good once over and refresh, updating things where I could and removing outdated info (the Links page in particular was written in 2009 and never updated again, this has been dealt with). I also added some links to useful websites on the sidebar at the bottom.

There is another update I still need to address, containing a large batch of Male costume images which were taken around the same time (you can see which ones will be included in the male missing list, update pending section). This might be up in a week or so if things go well. I am also planning to standardize all the costume names on this site to the list on Domo Wiki, which has the last known 'official' names for them, to prevent potential confusion. I may include the alternative name in parentheses if it fits within the space available.


Lastly, Suba Games has licensed a new English version of Domo, starting with a Closed Beta that will begin on Friday, February 13th, at 5pm EST. Closed Beta has been stated to last approximately 3 weeks. More information is available here, and there is a detailed FAQ as well. A directory of third-party sites where CB keys are available is located here.