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New Version Notes
« on: October 20, 2007, 10:04:39 PM »
After considerable time and effort, I have finally arrived at a release state for this new version of Lotus Goddess Archives.  Much work has gone into converting and updating the existing site, including the time spent learning new things to do what I wanted to do.

This site now uses CSS as the basis for layout and design, and without the massive table nesting of the old version the html is now much much smaller.  I have done as much as I can to rely on css rather than tables for layout, and only used tables for layout in a few isolated pages where to not use them was beyond my ability.  The site is a lot cleaner now, but it has also been harder to test.  If anyone has any problems with the site or runs into any bugs, please let me know through the forums and I will do my best to fix it.

- The minimum resolution to view this site is 1024x768, below that I make no guarantees on the viewability of these pages.  The clothing and screenshots pages in particular will not work properly at lower resolutions (and in fact if you have problems with the site, these are probably the most likely sections).

- Text size is fully changeable, so you can switch it as you wish.  It looks good in normal browser sizes but looks best one or two sizes smaller than normal (I use IE 'smaller' text size).

- There is a separate stylesheet for print so you can print page content without the layout getting in the way.  Unfortunately however, there is no way to control where tables will break (I added code for this, but it is only supported by Opera) so you may want to check print preview and fiddle with your print settings if you want to print anything, i.e. power lists.  If you really want clean page breaks on tables you could try printing the page with Opera.

- I have added a forum, so this can be used for getting in touch with me, posting comments about the site, contributing content, or whatever else.  If the forum sees use, I will put some work into modding and improving it.

- Any contributed content will be placed with proper credit in the Contributed Tips section, which will be added sometime in the future.  You can get in touch with me through the Forum PM system or the contributions forum.

- Please take note of the disclaimer in the footer and do not take content, data, images or anything else from this site for use on other sites.

Anyways, I hope everyone can explore and enjoy the new version of this site.