Author Topic: Upgraded 60 HA and Royal Chef for Females, Pastry Chef for Males  (Read 5469 times)


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New Additions (All Female Races):
- Lv68-70 HA (Upgraded 60 HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)
- Royal Chef (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

New Additions (All Male Races):
- Pastry Chef (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Special thanks to ~Eluluu~ of Onyx (4) for making and modeling the Upgraded 60 Heavy Armor, Marler of Sapphire (4) for modeling Royal Chef, and Wansh of Sapphire (4) for modeling Pastry Chef.

This update completes all of the currently available armor sets for Females once again, but the Male Upgraded 60/Upgraded HLA armors are still sorely lacking.. surely somebody has made one of those missing sets by now?