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« Last post by pegashark on January 01, 2014, 02:27:53 AM »
Well thank you for the fast reply. Thank you for your effort and thank you for this awesome site which has been help for players for almost a decade (i think). This pics is sure valuable since i wasnt 100% looking for the drop information. That was just a bonus if we have it . Have a nice day  ;D
« Last post by Leirosa on January 01, 2014, 01:21:05 AM »
Hi there,

I think you are also one of the first members in years that is not a spam bot to be deleted (I can only think of one other in the last year who was not). I received the message that you registered, and came over to check.

Mob information was one of the things I had planned to put on the site at one point, but I was just too lazy to type it all up or organize it, and I am not capable of making a decent database even with a full list of mob data. What I can give you is a bunch of evaluate pics of mobs that I took years ago on SRO when I intended to add the section on the original version of this site, but pretty much all of them are of mobs below 100 (due to personal character level limitations at the time).

Generally I found people were not much interested in mob stats- mostly they want the drop information, which I unfortunately don't have a way to provide; so I never ended up spending the effort to put the section together.

Evals.rar, 4.7mb
« Last post by pegashark on December 31, 2013, 11:59:00 PM »
Wow its been years since last thread in this section. And i wont even know if anyone gonna read this. However,i'll give it a shot.
I just wanna give a suggestion on If possible, some of us would like to see a new section. "Mob Database" which gonna give information and list all mobs in FCO/FWU since these 2 servers still running.  ;D
News / DoMO Guide Archives
« Last post by Leirosa on July 09, 2013, 12:03:14 AM »

I have added a forum to the site - Domo Guide Archives - with backups of most of the archived Aeria Domo Forum guides that were on, which recently became inaccessible after its domain expired. This new forum is an attempt at replacing that forum and an attempt to preserve the Aeria Domo Forum content which had been backed up there. Hopefully these classic guides written by players of days past will continue to be useful to those who are still actively playing Domo on the Chinese servers.

In other site news, unexpectedly I never delivered the promised final large image updates, but I still have the screenshots and hopefully I will get around to posting them all up some day for the half dozen or so people who still view this site.


For those who are not currently playing a DoMO server but may have an interest in doing so, Softstar's IC Domo is still in operation and there are still a number of English guilds in existence there. As well, an HK server recently opened (also in Chinese) if for some reason you would rather try that, but I don't know if you will find much of an English community there.

If you have an interest in playing Softstar's IC DOMO, please check this post:
For those who wish to play on TW DOMO (Guide to Registration and setup)

Short_Amigo's 9-29-2010 Patch Guild Additions Guide

Quote from: Short_Amigo
The GS team have tested quite a bit of the current patch in Test.  I have gathered the info we have found out for what’s coming in the current patch for guilds (except guild wars) and what you can expect when it comes to live since found out there was quite a few changes.

A) Guild Level cap has now been expanded to lvl 25.
Yeap you see it right. New cap, total of 160 people max now in a guild if you reach the max level.

And there are more things unlocked as you go higher through the levels: decorations, guild passive skills, guild war skills and two separate rooms inside the guild cottage (The two portals at the back of the regular room).

B)Two more guild ranks added.
The Hierarchy still as follows with the new ranks underlined: Chairperson, Elder, Branch head, Advanced Member, Normal Member, Member. (Difference between Advanced Member, Normal Member and Member ranks is salary difference. Normal would make more then Member, and Advanced member would make more then Normal member.).

C) Unresponsive Portals are now fully functional.
These will be available to you by reaching certain guild levels and talking to the Guild Girl NPC. Check out section G for more details.

D) Unresponsive Guild NPCS now are functional.
The NPCS from the Guild Cottage  that were implemented in the last patch that were unresponsive now work. However most of them will not be available to all, since you will need both guild levels and contributions to unlock them. Will clarify by talking about Guild Girl NPC.

Guild Girl NPC
This NPC will be the one currently accessible to you from the start. It’s the one that will help you unlock all the other additions to your guild. This is what will show when you speak to her:

- 1st option is called “Materials Contribution.” It let’s you contribute refined materials (lead bar, maple wood, etc.) and turn them in for skill contributions. (Ex. handing in 100 red powder gives you 100 contribution under meditation contributions). These contributions help you build decorations and other things for your guild cottage. (Note:Skip to section F) for breakdown of the skill contribution system.)
- 2nd option is called “Guild Facilities” It is the option to choose when you want to add additions to your guild cottage such as decorations and NPC services in exchange for skill contributions and guild funds. Each item has a different required skill contribution amount to access it.
- 3rd option is called “Authority of Guild Merchant” Just like it says, it lets you set the authority of the guild merchant. Available only to Chairperson or Elders. Different levels are: All members, Normal Member, Advance member, Officer, Elder.
*Officer = Branch heads?
- 4th option is called “Description”. It tells you about how Material Contribution works, Cottage Facilities (also known as Guild Facilities), and Authority of Guild Merchant.

E) Guild Salary.
Yes, there is a guild salary but not the salary that you are thinking of. Because it’s not gold you receive, it’s Guild Coins.

 Guild Coins are used with the npcs Guild Merchant I, Guild Merchant II, and Guild Merchant III.

To access guild salary, you have to go to guild menu, and under the Guild Salary tab.
There are limitations to how you are able to receive a salary:
- the person must be in the guild longer then 7 days to receive a guild salary.
- Online time must be over 1 hour each month to receive the salary.

It is hinted on the Guild Salary menu itself that depending on personal online time, fame contribution, joining time, guild position and guild level, it can change of how much salary you can receive in total.

In this Guild Salary tab, there's also a "Contribute" button. When this is highlighted and clickable, you can contribute "points" to the guild. Haven't fully figured out the use for these points but here is what I think they may be used for:

- More points may help you achieve more of a salary as personal online time in the guild does have a factor on how much you receive.
- Chairperson need them to unlock guild skills.

F) Skill Contribution System

The Skill Contribution system you will use a good deal if you plan on unlocking all the additions. As you see above in the picture, you’ll have contribution for each refining skill. On the left is how much the guild currently has for contribution points in each skill, the middle is the max you can have (which is the same for each), and the right is how much you contributed for each stat personally.
Here’s how much points you get depending on the type of item you hand to the Guild Girl NPC.

Meditation Contribution
Red Powder - 1 point
Blue Powder - 2 points
Green Powder - 4 points
Violet Powder - 8 points
White Powder - 12 points
Red Crystal - 18 points
Blue Crystal - 27 points

Mining Contribution
Glass - 1 point
Copper bar - 2 points
Iron bar - 4 points
Lead bar - 8 points
Tin bar - 12 points
Gemstone - 18 points
Silver bar - 27 points

Herding Contribution
Down - 1 point
Pig Oil - 2 points
Knitting Wool - 4 points
Silk - 8 points
Rabbit fur - 12 points
Tanned hide - 18 points
Mane - 27 points

Forestry Contribution
Apple Wood - 1 point
Maple Wood - 2 points
Willow Wood - 4 points
Laurel Wood - 8 points
Pear Wood - 12 points
Cedar Wood - 18 points
Douglas Fir Wood - 27 points

Fishing Contribution
Salt - 1 point
Dried Seaweed - 2 points
Conch Fillet - 4 points
Peeled Prawn - 8 points
Scallop - 12 points
Crab Meat - 18 points
Sea Bass Roe - 27 points

Farming Contribution
Dried Mushroom - 1 point
Sliced Ginger - 2 points
Flour - 4 points
Tea - 8 points
Peppermint - 12 points
Dried Rice - 18 points
Garlic Oil - 27 points

G) Guild Facilities from the Guild Girl NPC

Guild Merchant 1
- Unlocked at guild lvl  1
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 100
Forestry x 100
Farming x 100
Mining x 100
Herding x 100
Meditation x 100
Guild Funds x 10,000
- How it works:
In exchange for Guild Coins (received from your Guild Salary), you can hand them in for the following prizes:
Regeneration Pill - 47 gc
Fighting Luck Pill - 23 gc
Racial Transformation Scroll - 175 gc
Basic Fireworks 1-6 - 25 gc

Decoration: Bird Pillar
- Unlocked at guild level 3
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Forestry x 500
Farming x 500
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Turtle
- Unlocked at guild level 4
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 500
Mining x 1000
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Pig
- Unlocked at guild level 4
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Herding x 500
Mining x 1000
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Elephant
- Unlocked at guild level 4
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Farming x 500
Mining x 1000
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Drum
- Unlocked at guild level 6
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Forestry x 1500
Herding x 1000
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Pi - Pa
- Unlocked at guild level 7
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Herding x 1500
Meditation point x 1000
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Decoration: Twin Crane Clock
- Unlocked at guild level 7
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Herding x 1000
Meditation x 1500
Guild funds x 100,000
-What it looks like:

Guild Merchant II
- Unlocked at guild lvl 8
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 300
Forestry x 300
Farming x 300
Mining x 300
Herding x 300
Meditation x 300
Guild funds x 50,000
- How it works:
In exchange for Guild Coins (received from your Guild Salary), you can hand them in for the following prizes::
Shorty pill - 23 gc
Growth Hormone - 23 gc
#Spirit catching orb - 1500 gc
#Weapon downgrade stone - 300 gc
#Armour downgrade stone - 60 gc
#Devil Seal card - 60 gc

Cottage Room I
- Unlocked at guild lvl 10
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 1000
Forestry x 5000
Farming x 1000
Mining x 5000
Herding x 1000
Meditation x 1000
Guild funds x 300,000
- What it looks like:

Guild Merchant III
- Unlocked at guild lvl 15
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 500
Forestry x 500
Farming x 500
Mining x 500
Herding x 500
Meditation x 500
Guild funds x 100,000
- How it works:
In exchange for Guild Coins (received from your Guild Salary), you can hand them in for the following prizes:
#Insurance Scroll (upgrade) - 75 gc
#Insurance Scroll (modify) - 37 gc

Cottage room II
- Unlocked at guild level 20
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 2000
Forestry x 10000
Farming x 2000
Mining x 10000
Herding x 2000
Meditation x 2000
Guild funds x 500,000
- What it looks like:

Teleport Fairy (a.k.a Ferryman npc)
- Unlocked at guild level 22
- Needs the following contributions to unlock:
Fishing x 5000
Forestry x 5000
Farming x 5000
Mining x 5000
Herding x 5000
Meditation x 5000
Guild funds x 1,000,000
- How it works:
It is basically a go anywhere in your cottage. And wouldn’t you know it requires 1 x Go Anywhere to use.

F) Guild Skills now available.
There are two new skill groups that are available with the guild. They are unlocked with certain guild levels and points that you contribute to the guild (see section E for more details). And it seems that the chairperson is the only one available to use them. Here they are in more detail:

Active Skills


Highly Defending

Calling Everybody

Passive Skills

Bring in Wealth and Treasure

Running as Lightning

Eye for an Eye

Body Body up

*There are more passive skills provided however unfortunately I was not able to get on test to get the rest of the screenshots.
News / Aeria Domo Closure
« Last post by Leirosa on June 30, 2012, 05:31:32 PM »
As of June 30th at 5pm PST, Aeria DoMO has closed its doors. However, this site will continue to operate as long as I live and have a webspace.

In the coming days I have two big updates to post from two modeling sessions in the last days of operation. One consists of a large number of the missing male costumes (but sadly not ALL of them), and all of the missing male upgraded armors. I have to really give special thanks to the people who went above and beyond the call of duty to make these two shoots possible, and they will be credited in the news posts to come (unless they wished to remain anonymous).

I also want to thank everybody who helped me with this site in any way over the years, from the models, who were always totally awesome, the people who provided armor and costumes to be screenshotted, equally as awesome, and everybody else who helped make shoots possible and helped promote my site. I have maintained a complete list of the contributors as well as exactly which races and items they modeled, which you may peruse if you want to see if anybody you know is in there.

Although Aeria DoMO has closed, it doesn't have to end here, because Softstar's home server, IC DoMO is still in operation. For more information on playing on this server, please check out the following links:

For those who wish to play on TW DOMO - Guide to registration and setup
twDoMo - Replacement community forum with many archived guides

For contacting me in regards to modeling opportunities, my contact information has changed. You may whisper or mail MiaoCuihua on IC Domo if you need to get in touch with me. I will update the pages to reflect the new changes sometime soon.
News / Re: Backlog Costume Update
« Last post by Leirosa on January 16, 2012, 04:07:42 PM »
Ancient Warrior / Bumblebee

Freddy / Peter Pan
News / Backlog Costume Update
« Last post by Leirosa on January 16, 2012, 04:06:43 PM »
New Additions (All Female Races):
- Spring Lady (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

New Additions (All Male Races):
- Ancient Warrior (w/out helmet) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Bumblebee (w/out wings) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Penguin (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Male Sylph, Human, Sprite:
Freddy (w/out headgear) (Syl | Hum | Spr), Peter Pan (w/out wings) (Syl | Hum | Spr), Thai (Syl | Hum | Spr)

In this update I have made an attempt to clear my backlog of unedited costume images, most of which were taken quite a long time ago.

- Penguin was modeled by Viet_Shadow_Drone of Sapphire (4) and his mules, and these were taken on 2011/03/28.
- Spring Lady was modeled by one of *~Charon~* of Sapphire (4)'s mules, these were taken on 2011/07/26.
- Thai was modeled by Wansh of Sapphire (3), these were taken on 2011/07/31.
Special thanks to these three models, and my apologies for taking so insanely long to put them up on the site.

- The incomplete set pics of Ancient Warrior, Bumblebee, Freddy, and Peter Pan were taken by me on JDomo's Phoenix Server when it had the free item mall just before it closed down (at the same time as the ones previously posted from there). I hadn't planned to use these unless the game shut down and I didn't have full set pics, but with every day that passes the chances of getting full set pics diminishes, so I just edited these incomplete ones.

I would really like to find some models for the male upgraded armor sets I am missing (which is almost all of them), so if anybody has one of these sets please get in touch with me either ingame or through the Aeria forums.

Contact Information:
Sapphire IGN: Lanniang, Aeria Forums: Leirosa

Check the replies to this post here to see the additional group 4-race and 3-race pics of the incomplete sets.
News / Re: Expanding Menus and More
« Last post by AbuSayap on November 17, 2011, 08:15:07 AM »
Nice addition to the website.  Thank you so much for your effort.. Cheers :D
News / Expanding Menus and More
« Last post by Leirosa on October 31, 2011, 08:07:28 PM »
- Implemented the expanding menus I used on my other site.
- Removed as many references to the Gudang as I could find from the item lists.
- Added HP/Chi costs for the Five Clans version of Clan Powers. These are shown in bold orange after the original costs.
- Added Yong Le towns (JZW, CF, JT) to most location lists, such as skills and all types of crafting comps.

I may fiddle with the expanding menus a bit more but I probably won't make a new news post if I do. It was actually pretty easy to put them in since both of my sites use basically the same code.
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