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News / New Version - Update List
« on: October 20, 2007, 09:04:44 PM »
Overall Site
- Redid site design and layout based on CSS
- Many minor improvements

- Proofread powers, there should be no more typos
- Added clan powers and LPs to each of the stance pages
- Further, these powers now have different colour rows to distinguish them
- Removed 'Single Target Powers' page and replaced with 'Weapon Damage Powers' page
- Reorganized some of the power by type pages
- Added additional information on unverified LPs

Shop / Trainer Lists
- Trainer Lists updated using proofread power entries, no more typos
- Improved + Expanded Navigation

- Added Rare Equipment page
- Uncommon Equipment: added missing information, made some clarifications
- Added Item Mall/Gudang availability info

- Fixed a few entries missing info
- Added Rare Weapons page
- Added Uncommon Weapon Types page
- Added Boundless Weapon Sets Page

- Added many more items:
- Added PSO Gudang items and updated availability info of high level HP and Chi potions

Clothing Section
- Added all clothing and armor looks for all body types
- Replaced the existing images with new ones in the same format for consistency

Crafting Components
- Moved these pages out of the skills section as many people did not know they were there.
- Added rare weapon components to the weapon components page (organized by type and element)
- Added ND store components to Jewelery and Wearable (somehow, I missed adding them before)
- Added components not sold in stores

- Put all on one page and added additional recipes

Legendary Items
- Added a column with released numbers for Fire Kirin server.
- Added all LI not previously listed.

- Added captions
- Added PSO Fire Kirin Collection
- Added Tasks Collection
- Added a few screenshots in existing collections

- Reformatted this list a bit
- Added a separate map list at the top

New Sections
Rare Items - Full listing of rare items in the game
Hero Items - Listing of Hero Items, including those removed from the vendor
Event / Quest / Festival Items - Listing of items acquired through events and quests, as well as items made specifically for promotions of the item mall.
Odds and Ends - A section for extras that don't fit elsewhere

Other New Pages
About, Site Map, Links

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