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« on: February 02, 2014, 10:40:14 PM »
Hi there,

I think you are also one of the first members in years that is not a spam bot to be deleted (I can only think of one other in the last year who was not). I received the message that you registered, and came over to check.

Mob information was one of the things I had planned to put on the site at one point, but I was just too lazy to type it all up or organize it, and I am not capable of making a decent database even with a full list of mob data. What I can give you is a bunch of evaluate pics of mobs that I took years ago on SRO when I intended to add the section on the original version of this site, but pretty much all of them are of mobs below 100 (due to personal character level limitations at the time).

Generally I found people were not much interested in mob stats- mostly they want the drop information, which I unfortunately don't have a way to provide; so I never ended up spending the effort to put the section together.

Evals.rar, 4.7mb

hope to see you check in sometime at FCO.
We got a whole bunch of players from FWO, PSO, SRO time back...

have a wonderful 2014!!

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